If you are passionate about singing!

The Singing Class is there for anyone who is passionate about singen and who wants to develop his or her skills in a good atmosphere.
In a series of workshops we are working on your vocal technique, song interpretation, your stage performance and ensemble singing. Every set of workshops is dedicated to a certain theme. For example English song repertoire, a specific composer, sacred music or songs about a certain subject. You will get to learn about many types and styles of music and it will broaden your musical horizon immensely.

In every project we you will work on one song for your solo repertoire and 2-4 ensemble pieces. On multiple occasions during the year we will present our work to the audience. The course is led by professional musican & vocal coach Nick Goudkuil.

Participation to the course is entirely free, only dedication is requierd! The course is offered to you by KGV Benrath-Urdenbach. More information at the bottom of this page.

Participate and send an e-mail: nick.goudkuil@kkbu.de

Workshop leader

Photo: Luc Hommes

Nick Goudkuil is professional musician from the Netherlands living and working in Düsseldorf. He studied classical organ, musical theory, singing and piano at the conservatories of Maastricht and Utrecht (the Netherlands) and in Liège (Belgium).

His main occupations are playing the organ in concert and in liturgy, choir conducting and vocal coaching.

Out of his passion for music, singing and song performance he took the initiative to start The Singing Class to offer singing workshop for everyone who is truly dedicated to improve his or her singing and vocal performance.

When and where?

The courses will take place on Tuesday nights from 20:00 untill 21:30. The first set of workshop will start at the 29th of March 2022.

(If you want to participate, but Tuesday nights don't fit your schedule, please send an e-mail!)

The course take place in Düsseldorf-Benrath in the 'Cäcilienstift' at Paulistrasse 3. It is situated next to the train station Düsseldorf-Benrath, the metro/tram/bus stop Urdenbacher Allee. If you come by car or bike, you can park behind the building.

The Singing Class
Thuesdays 20:00 - 21:30

Paulistrasse 3
40597 Düsseldorf

How can I participate?

The Singing Class is open to everyone who is passionate about singing and is dedicated to learn and develop his or her singing skills in a good atmosphere. It would be good if you already have some experience and if you can study and prepare the songs and pieces on your own, but this is not requierd. Participation to the course is free of charge.

To participate you simply send an e-mail to: nick.goudkuil@kkbu.de

Please write a short introduction about yourself, your singing experience and your motivation to participate The Singing Class. If you have any question, dont hesitate to ask!